Ozum OZUM Ozum OZUM is an artist originally from Turkey, but now based in the Netherlands. She has established herself as a recognized resident DJ at major events such as Planet Rose, Blanco, and Ravelution. Her sound is versatile; powerful and charged sets with a blend of dark and atmospheric soundscapes. She always aims to […]


Reich Reich Reich Reich is a rising star in the scene with a passion for hypnotic and bleepy rhythms. With his tribal, hardgroove style, he aims on keeping the crowd moving trough finding a good balance between old and new records. Reich’s philosophy is simple: “As long as it feels sexy.” He believes that music […]


LENZ lenz LENZ Lenz’s productive pursuit of music began when he discovered the unique lure of the underground. Illegal raves birthed his passion for techno which eventually led to the Dutchman swapping the dancefloor for the booth as a DJ. Stylistically, Lenz stands at odds with the current techno trends, opting to emphasise more nuanced […]

Ramon Berendes

Ramon Berendes Ramon Berendes Ramon Berendes Ramon Berendes is a techno DJ and producer who focuses on making the dancefloor move. With his technical skill, pure selection as a DJ, attention to high-end sound production and the intergration of a live sampler station connected to the CDJ’s, he creates a high energy, very dancable and […]


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